FRP Whole House System

Stage 1 / Pre-filter – At the first stage, the raw water enters a 10 micron pre-filter cartridge to remove any heavy sediment. Then, the raw water enters the distribution tube and travels through the distribution basket.
Stage 2 / Main Filter Tank – From here, water is dispersed through the KDF media which removes inorganic contaminants such as lead and other heavy metals, chlorine a function which carbon alone cannot do.
Stage 3 / Main Filter Tank – In the third stage, chlorine, volatile organic chemicals (VOC’s) such as THM’s bad tastes and odours, are removed by adsorption into the bed of granular activated carbon (GAC). These granules form a maze of torturous paths through which the water flows. These serve as “parking spaces” for the contaminants.
Stage 4 / Post-filter – Finally, the filtered water exits the main chamber and passes through a 5 micron post-filter which catches any carbon fines that might leave the unit upon initial flush. Clean, fresh water is then ready to use throughout your entire home! Dual Media – Point of Entry System features. Media is a combination KDF 55 with other medias and is unparalleled in Chlorine removal and heavy metal reduction. Consisting of a high purity copper-zinc formula, it’s an NSF approved media that drastically extends the life of a carbon based filter. It is 100% recyclable and has no chemical additives.
KDF 55 Media is used in chlorine removal applications in conjunction with granular activated carbon. KDF 55 strips the chlorine from the water before the water contacts the carbon. The carbon, not being burdened with the job of chlorine removal is then free to perform higher level carbon filtration. Such as removal of chemical contaminants including Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC’s) and Trihalomethanes (THM’s). Using KDF media in conjunction with granular activated carbon extends the life of the media bed significantly over using carbon alone. That means longer service runs before replacement of the media is required.
Point-of-Entry (P.O.E.) – Fresh, filtered water from every tap in your home. Shower in chlorine-free water. Makes all beverages enjoyable and taste natural. Eliminates the need to carry home or bring in bottled water. Plus, whole house water filter systems help to prolong the life of plumbing components and fixtures.


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